The Load Register instruction copies the contents of the register specified by Operand 2, into the register specified by Operand 1.  The contents of Operand 2 are unchanged as well as the condition code. Consider the instruction below.


                            LR   R5,R10


The contents of register 10 are copied to register 5, destroying the previous value in register 5.  Register 10 is unaffected by the operation.  The diagram below illustrates this operation.





        Some Unrelated LR’s


              R4 =  X’FFFFFFFF’

              R5 =  X’00000028’

              R6 =  X’00000004’


              LR    R4,R5    R4 = X’00000028’ R5 = X’00000028’

              LR    R5,R4    R5 = X’FFFFFFFF’ R4 = X’FFFFFFFF’

              LR    R5,R6    R5 = X’00000004’ R6 = X’00000004’

              LR    R6,R5    R6 = X’00000028’ R5 = X’00000028’