Curriculum /Training


Threat Modeling




Video Indexing - inVideo







Professor; TSYS Endowed Chair in Cybersecurity

NIST/DHS Panel: National Initiative of Cybersecurity Education (NICE)
Director: Center for Security Studies (UMUC)

CIO/CTO: National BioMedical Research Foundation (NBRF)

NSF Panel: Network Architecture for Security, CPS/IoT


Research and Grants

Research: Cybersecurity Curriculum/Training Development, Threat Modeling and Analysis, IoT/SCADA Security, Video Indexing, Cryptography, Secure Architecture, 3D Medical Imaging

Grants Received:
NSA: viCyber - Intelligent cybersecurity curriculum development tool. $174,146, 2017-18

NSF: Video indexing application - inVideo, $604,661, 2014-17

NSF: Big data and privacy, $279,480, 2014-16
NSF: Shape of Educational Data, $189,144, 201 -16

DOE: $2,295,450 (09-13), $600,000 (06-09), $400,000 (08-10),

$2,471,670 (06-09), $1,178,627 (04-06)



Introductoin to Cybersecurity
Network and Cloud Management
Modeling and Simulation, Computer Architecture

Fall 2016 and before: Cybersecurity and Cyberspace, Computer Architecture and Security, Modeling and Simulaton, Advanced Computer architecture, Information Security in Healthcare, Computer Graphics, Database Systems.


Invention, Technology Commercialization and Award

Four Patents, Three have been licensed to the industry

Two Tech Transfer Awards; One Best Invention Award

Link Foundation Advanced Simulation and Training Award 
- Financial Award: $25,000 (four awardees in the U.S.)



Book: Computer Architecture and Security, Wiley 2013



ACM Decision Support Expert System for Cybersecurity Curriculum Development. May 2-4, 2018. Cairo Egypt. (Confirmed).
NCS (National Cyber Summit) 2018. Risk Analysis for Financial Banking and Processing. June 5-7. Huntsville, AL. (Confirmed).
CISSE 2018. Using Artificial Intelligence in Developing Cybersecurity Curriculum and Training. June 11-13. New Orleans, LA. (Confirmed).

ACM-SE17. Cloud Security: A DevSecOps and HiSPO Approach, Gatlinburg.
NICE 2017, Risk Analysis for Financial Banking and Processing, OH.
2017, IoTCP - IoT Trusted Computing, June 12-14, Las Vegas
2017, Keynote Speaker, May 22-24, Barcelona, Spain

-SE16. Security be Design. Nov. 10-11, 2016. Gatlinburg, TN
NICE 2016, IoT Architecture Security. Nov. 1-2, 2016, Kansas City, MI
CISSE 2016. SCADA Security Case Study. June 13-15th. Philadelphia, PA
NCS (National Cyber Summit) 2016. SCADA Architecture and Security. June 7-9th, Huntsville, AL
NSF Cyberlearning 2016, April 7-8, Fairfax, VA
FISSEA 2016, March 15-16, Gaithersburg, MD - (NIST)
BLN IoT Forum, March 9-10, 2016, Cambridge, UK

NICE/CAE. Threat Intelligence and Risk. Nov 2-5, 2015, San Diego, CA
eLearning, Video Index and Data Analytics. October 19-22, 2015. Kona, Hawaii
IEEE smart cities and ICS, August 5-6, 2015, Shanghai, China.
'15. Threat Analysis and Risk Mitigation. June 15-17, Las Vegas