Academic Dishonesty Policy
Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, activities such as cheating and plagiarism ( It is a basis for disciplinary action. Any work turned in for individual credit must be entirely the work of the student submitting the work. All work must be your own. [For group projects, the work must be done only by members of the group.] You may share ideas but submitting identical assignments (for example) will be considered cheating. You may discuss the material in the course and help one another with debugging; however, any work you hand in for a grade must be your own. A simple way to avoid inadvertent plagiarism is to talk about the assignments, but don't read each other's work or write solutions together unless otherwise directed by your instructor. For your own protection, keep scratch paper and old versions of assignments to establish ownership, until after the assignment has been graded and returned to you. If you have any questions about this, please see your instructor immediately. For assignments, access to notes, the course textbooks, books and other publications is allowed. All work that is not your own, MUST be properly cited. This includes any material found on the Internet. Stealing or giving or receiving any code, diagrams, drawings, text or designs from another person (CSU or non-CSU, including the Internet) is not allowed. Having access to another person's work on the computer system or giving access to your work to another person is not allowed. It is your responsibility to prevent others from having unauthorized access to your work.

No cheating in any form will be tolerated. Penalties for academic dishonesty may include a zero grade on the assignment or exam/quiz, a failing grade for the course, suspension from the Computer Science program, and dismissal from the program. All instances of cheating will be documented in writing with a copy placed in the Department's files. Students will be expected to discuss the academic misconduct with the faculty member and the chairperson. For more details see the Faculty Handbook: and the Student Handbook:

If you have any questions about what is plagiarism, check the following sites:

If you still have questions, you should contact your instruct and/or the University's Writing Center (